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Meet The Piercers

Piercing Prices

Change-Out Prices

Anti-Tragus: $60

Ashley: $80

Beauty Mark (Monroe): $50

Bridge: $80

Conch: $50

Daith: $70

Dermal/Surface Anchor: $80

Ear Flat: $50

Eyebrow: $50

Forward Helix: $50

Female Genital (Appointment Only): $150+ ($30 Deposit Required)

Helix: $50

Industrial: $70

Lip/Labret: $50

Lobes (Standard): $40 Each

Lobes (Large Gauge, Appointment Only): $80-$320

Male Genital (Appointment Only): $150+ ($30 Deposit Required)

Navel: $70

Nostril: $60

Nipples: $45 Each

Orbital: $70

Philtrum (Medusa): $80

Rook: $60

Snug: $80

Surface: $80

Tongue: $60

Tragus: $60

Transverse Lobes: $60 Each

Vertical Labret: $60

Piercing change outs are free of charge unless jewelry is bought. The only exception are dermal removals which are $40 and genital change outs ($20, not including jewelry).

Piercing Procedure

All piercings are done with implant grade titanium astm f-136 or implant grade steel astm f-138 and we offer both internally threaded and thread-less jewelry options. We use medical HEPA filtration in our piercing room and complete broadband surgical skin prep before every procedure.


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